The Best Way to Lookup a Cell Phone Number For Free!

Lookup a cell phone number for free on the internet has never been simpler. However, there are several things you need to know; some sites will give you false information about your search and charge of an arm or more for their services.

Don’t pay them! You can do it yourself for…. FREE! It’s not difficult at all. All of the information needed is readily available with advanced computer software (that is if you know how to use it correctly), along with public records, but isn’t that what everyone uses anyway? I always have!

How to Lookup a Cell Phone Number at No Cost?

1.) – The most popular way is to search by name, address and SSN. For example, if you want to know what phone number belongs with the name “John Doe” enter his full name into Google. Click on “Search Tools” then click on “More Search Tools.” You will be taken to another page that has all of the options set out for you in an easy drop down menu including where John Doe lives. This method looks up people by their social security number , but keep in mind social security numbers are assigned randomly when they are created so sometimes it comes up with the wrong person if it is not updated.

2.) – Lookup a cell phone number by name, address and birthday. Most people have updated information online so this method is usually good for finding current numbers today. If you are looking up someone who has just registered their number or recently changed it then this will be the way to go. This method looks up people by their name, address and birthday .

3.) – Find out more about a cell phone number by checking other websites that offer posting free public records such as

4.) – Another resource to find out more about someone without them knowing is through

5.) – If you want to know what phone number belongs with a cell phone number then this is the most accurate method. Do an image search on Google and you will see different pictures of people with their name and location below each one. Click on “Search Tools” again, only this time choose “Blogs.” Then enter in the person’s city name or state abbreviation under “Blog Location” and click “search blog posts.” This searches websites that have posted free public listings for other users to come across when they are searching too. Some websites do not post their full information but instead give partial pieces of it away for other people to find them. Each listing will be unique at times depending on how many listings are made for that particular area. This is why you need to do a lot of searching if you are having trouble finding the information you are looking for.

6.) – Lookup cell phone numbers by SSN . This method searches for people by their social security number, which can sometimes give false results when they have not updated it yet or recently created one after moving cities. There are free resources available online that will allow users to find someone’s SSN in certain states including California where it is illegal for them to post any kind of social security number on public listings or websites in general. A popular website for this technique is

Also, don’t forget about your local library! They usually carry different books that will be able to help you with basic information. Sometimes they even have pay websites to use for free on their computers. If you are not very computer literate then this may be the best option for you if your library offers it. Libraries also carry different types of publications which can include .

Checking other people’s cell phone calls online is done through service providers like or by hacking into their account (which is illegal). You can do this by having all of the phone numbers that belong to the person under one account and checking them by name, address, birthday, social security number or any other number they used when signing up for their plan with the provider in question .

This is the safest way to do it because you must have a person’s billing address, phone number and social security number in order to get their permission before accessing any of their information. If you are ever caught your phone company will ban your account from being able to access this data again so be extremely careful if you plan on doing this or know someone who does. You have been warned!

Another thing to keep in mind is that people post a lot of incorrect information online which can mess up a cell phone number lookup when trying to find out more about them. This is one of the main reasons people use certain websites including > instead of others that have incomplete listings or outdated numbers that do not belong to the person. People often times update their cell phone information before posting it online which makes it a lot harder for people to find them through other means if they have a common name. This is why you should always double check what numbers belong with different names because there may be several listings for one particular individual depending on if they updated their phone number or not.

This is where social websites come into play such as

which can help locate someone if all of the other resources fail due to incorrect information posted online by the user who’s account you want access to. Facebook is great when trying to locate someone because you must use the correct email address they used signing up for their account in order to gain access to it. This is why it’s important that you enter their email into the search bar and click on the correct one if there are any options because some people use different emails they use for work or signing up for online services.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to wait long before seeing results like with other methods such as the phone number lookup which may take days, weeks or months depending on how many listings pop up. If you think about it, most people only change their email address once every few years so anything before then will lead back to them if their profile is still active. If not, then their account will be deactivated and that method won’t work.

Another popular website people love using is

which can be used as another option to find someone for free if you do not have their social security number or date of birth. All you need is access to a person’s name and address that has been verified by the website, then enter it under the correct profile and wait for results which can take up to 48 hours but usually show faster depending on how many listings come up before finding the one you want. This method works like a regular white pages directory where most people pay a small yearly fee for this type of website because they offer complete information including criminal records and any other public infractions such as lawsuits, bankruptcies, felonies etc.

This is an easy way to find out if someone has a warrant out for their arrest, has been involved in any type of crime or even have a history of being sued when running a search because you will know the person’s full history from when they signed up on the website to present day. If you don’t want this option then you can always use Google instead and enter their name in quotation marks along with their city and state for more accurate results that are not filtered by other people who have the same name. Otherwise, if there are multiple listings then it will only show the first few results without going into much detail which is why doing a cell number search is better because it gives you everything in an instant no matter how many numbers someone has.

Doing searches like this should never be taken lightly because it gives you access to everything that person has done since they got online which is probably one of the main reasons why people like using these websites in the first place. You can get access to their phone number, email address, friends list and even wall posts written by themselves on your computer without making a single call. This is something most people don’t consider when searching for someone online which makes it stand out more than any other method at locating them instantly without having to make calls or wait long before getting results back.

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